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Be a missionary

Want to join our team as a full time missionary? We are always looking for people with a passionate heart and an understanding of relational youth ministry to be urban missionaries.  

Missionaries are responsible for a full-time youth ministry program as well as relational outreach to the city.

Dirty Vagabond Ministries will provide on-going training and support to the missionaries along with a modest salary and health-care.

Missionaries to make a 3 year commitment to the cities in which they are placed, knowing that results in the missionary field come with time.

The salary is bad, the commitment is hard. The opportunity to affect the world for Christ in such a radical way is eternally rewarding. God is doing miraculous things in this ministry. Come, be a part of the adventure.

Preferred Requirements:

  • Youth Ministry experience.
  • Basic training in catechetics and pastoral ministry.
  • B.A. degree in a field related to youth ministry preferred.