What is Jesus Class?

 John and Kayvon with missionary Christopher on our New Mexico Mission Trip

John and Kayvon with missionary Christopher on our New Mexico Mission Trip

Mr. Chris, how much longer? When can I receive the Eucharist?”

John is one of the fantastic kids we work with. We have loved seeing him grow in his relationship with Jesus and he can’t wait to become Catholic this Easter. He is one of the many kids we are working with right now in “Jesus Class” which is happening in 3 of different missions. Each Sunday, he grows more excited as he waits to receive his sacraments.

Jesus Class is a simplified RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation) program that we run in our ministry. The goal is to help kids grow in their relationship with Jesus and the Church as they prepare to receive their Sacraments at Easter.

We call it “Jesus Class” because we want to keep it simple and focused on Jesus. A lot of the kids we work with are unchurched. Many have never gone to church at all, and it’s not unusual for them to not have even a basic understanding of God. 

Like St. Paul, “we [are] determined to share with [the kids we work] not only the gospel of God, but our very selves as well.” (1 Thessalonians 2:8.) It’s through these relationships that we can introduce kids to a relationship with God. It’s incredible to see these relationships grow. It’s beautiful to see their burning desire to become Catholic and journey with them in the process.

Right now we’ve got 13 kids in Jesus Class. It’s a process, and some kids may join later, and some kids may decide not to complete the program, but it’s an exciting journey. We wanted to ask you to join the process by praying for these kids.

Will you commit to praying for these kids? Their names are Isaik, Valentina, Olympia, Junior, Cynsair, John, Kayvon, Montasia, Morgan, Lyaisha, Arriana, Ethan, and Shiya. Thanks!