A Weekly Challenge for Lent

You probably know that there are three disciplines of Lent: prayer, fasting, and almsgiving, but did you know that these things are only mentioned once together in the bible?

"Prayer and fasting are good, but better than either is almsgiving accompanied by righteousness ... It is better to give alms than to store up gold; for almsgiving saves one from death and expiates every sin. Those who regularly give alms shall enjoy a full life" Tob 12:8-9.

Scripture clearly points out that almsgiving accompanied by righteousness is the most important. The reality is for most of us, it’s the most neglected.

Let’s be honest, most people don’t sit around thinking about how they have way too much money. Money is deceptive, alluring, and at times it seems we never have enough.

However, it is in being generous that we are reminded how richly blessed we are. We are never outdone by the generosity of God.

Lent is a time not to look at wallets. This isn’t what almsgiving is about. Jesus said “where your treasure is, there is your heart” Matthew 6:21. Jesus is talking about storing our treasure in heaven and not on earth. Almsgiving is a question of our hearts. Will we put our treasure in him and learn to trust God with our finances this Lent?

If you are looking for a way to easily focus on your almsgiving this Lent, we set up a campaign to make it simple for you to give weekly this Lent to Dirty Vagabond Ministries to help the poor.

Simply text LENT to 41444 to set up a weekly donation as part of Your Lenten journey.

Even if you don’t participate in this campaign, don’t neglect almsgiving this Lent. My hope is that this Lent, your giving will lead you to “enjoy a full life.”

Andy Lesnefsky

Director of Mission Advancement