Dirty Vagabond is all about transformation. 

Here's where we currently serve:



steubenville, OH

Steubenville was our first missionary location.  It is one of the poorest cities in Ohio riddled with poverty, drugs, and gang violence.  Dirty Vagabond started here over 10 years ago and since our missionaries have brought Christ to themost desolate places.  Over 50 teens have been baptized here and come into the Church.  The streets are being transformed here through the mercy and the power of God.  Through Outreach, Bible Studies, R.C.I.A., and meals we encounter upwards of 100 teens a week.




Pittsburgh, PA (Garfield)

At the invitation of Bishop Zubik, Dirty Vagabond opened its doors in 2015 in Pittsburgh.  Parterning with St. Maria Goretti Parish, DVM has been serving the Garfield/ Bloomfield neighborhoods.  With the support of the Diocese and the compassion of the local Church,  God is moving in a big way here.




Wichita, Ks

With the Blessing of Bishop Kemme, we've been working with donors and community members to take the Gospel to the streets of Wichita, KS through Dirty Vagabond Ministries. Like many cities, Wichita has many areas of poverty spread throughout its boundaries. We are reaching out to teens on the north side of the city where we will be working alongside of St. Patrick's Parish. We can't wait to see what God has in store. 

Pittsburgh, PA (Sharpsburg)


Pittsburgh, PA (Sharpsburg)

Responding to the invitation of St. Juan Diego parish and the support of the diocese, we are thrilled to be opening our second location in the Diocese of Pittsburgh. It's a tremendous blessing to have missions operating in the city and believe this is still only a beginning to what God is doing through DVM in Pittsburgh.  


Greenville, NC

We are partnering with donors in the local community with a vision to reach the poor and the forgotten in their city.  Greenville is a city that is economically divided and it is home to some very poor, hurting people.  Our missionaries are stationed in the heart of the brokenness.   Slowly, light is breaking through the darkness in these neighborhoods.  Our missionaries work tirelessly to bring the Gospel to the where kids are – whether that be the streets, the schools, or the projects.

Benton Harbor

Benton Harbor, MI

Benton Harbor will be our newest location that we are hoping to open in 2017. Please keep this new location in your prayers as we train and hire two missionaries to work in Benton Harbor.