Milan Chaump



Milan is a full-time missionary in Pittsburgh, PA. Milan was born and raised in the great state of Texas where she developed her deep love for BBQ and homemade sweet tea. She graduated from Franciscan University with bachelor's degrees in Theology and Catechetics. Milan has been serving with DVM as a core member for the past four years and is ready to serve the teens of Pittsburgh full-time. Inner-city youth ministry has become her passion and she cannot thank her family and friends enough for their constant prayers, love, and support. When she isn't hanging out with the coolest teens of the Steel City you can find Milan longboarding, eating the spiciest hot wings she can find, or chasing after stray cats in the streets of Pittsburgh.


Andy Churray


Andy and his beautiful wife Meg have three girls. Andy is originally from Newport News, Virginia. He graduated from Franciscan University of Steubenville with a Bachelor's in Theology and Catechetics and a concentration in Youth Ministry. Andy has been doing youth ministry for the past eight years, including serving with Dirty Vagabond in Brooklyn, NY from 2010-2013. After teaching and doing parish youth ministry for three years in Wichita, KS, Andy and Meg felt called to start a branch of Dirty Vagabond. 

Andy left teaching, they sold their house and moved into the North Side  of the city and have been amazed at what God is already doing!   Andy enjoys anything American, exercising, coffee, tattoos, and is currently trying to talk Meg into letting him get a dog.

Will Davis


Will Davis is a recent graduate of THE Franciscan University of Steubenville where he was known as "THE triple threat" for his ability to the captain the football team, the forensics club, and the glee club. He's no stranger to Steubenville and is excited to be serving in Steubenville after completing college. He's an also an avid golfer and amateur radio operator.


Tiana delorge


Like all good coming of age stories, Tiana spent most of her Connecticut childhood dreaming of one day living in the big city. In college she found herself doing just that, as she moved to the greatest city in the world: New York. She gained her street cred living in Harlem before moving to Steubenville, OH where she graduated from Franciscan University with not only one but TWO degrees in Theology and Catechetics. During her time in college she served as a core member for DVM and she is excited and humbled to come on full-time with them in Steubenville. Tiana is often in search of thai iced tea and chocolate dippin’ dots. She aspires to one day live in Ireland where it is socially acceptable to drink at least 8 cups of tea a day and own many sheep.

Kris Frank

Vice President,

Kris Frank, a native to Ohio, has served the Catholic Church for 10 years as a youth minister. He has also had the opportunity to travel to share the Gospel message to young people at churches, campuses, camps and conferences around the country. He has degrees from Franciscan University in Theology and Catechetics. When he isn't serving the Church, you can usually find him serving his wife and four kids. One day, Kris hopes to own a dog. 

Shannon Keating


Shannon Keating is  a full-time missionary in our new location in Sharpsburg, Pennsylvania.  She graduated from Franciscan University in 2017 with degrees in English and Theology while serving as a volunteer for DVM.  Shannon often follows her stomach to the nearest ice cream shop on the hunt for Mint Chocolate Chip. Despite being from North Carolina, Shannon is no stranger to Pittsburgh, so much so that she has been asked multiple times to represent Pennsylvania in the Ms. United States Pageant (maybe). One of Shannon's favorite things in the whole world is when Milan reenacts the opening of the popular Disney film Mulan.  When in doubt, get her a bunny mug.

Andy Lesnefsky


Andy Lesnefsky works as the President for Dirty Vagabond Ministries. A long time veteran of youth ministry, he's excited to put his catlike reflexes and his beatboxing skills to work for Dirty Vagabond Ministries. He is passionate about evangelization and is much better looking than his older brother Bob.  He also helps oversee our Pittsburgh locations and website and social media presence.

His wife Katherine is his inspiration, the wind beneath his wings, and his bio writer. He lives in Pittsburgh with her, their 4 kids, and their 3 pet hamsters.

Bob Lesnefsky


Bob Lesnefsky is the founder Dirty Vagabond Ministries. He has over 15 years of hands on experience in youth ministry, serving as a youth minister in both Urban and Suburban churches.  

For the last 10 years Bob has been a full time Christian Hip Hop artist and speaker, traveling to over 100 venues a year using rap music as an outreach to teens in all walks of life.  He's active in the Rotary club and local dance troupe. He and his wife have seven beautiful children where he lives in Steubenville OH as a urban missionary.  Bob also has a lot of tattoos.

Jennie Padilla


Jennie Padilla is a missionary in Wichita, KS. Growing up in Ventura, California, you could always catch her playing soccer, surfing, hiking or hanging with her friends and family. Come high school, mission trips, retreats with Dirty Vagabond teens every summer, and leading in youth ministry, ignited a desire in her to love people to Christ as others had done for her.

By what one could only describe as the grace of God, Jennie graduated in December of 2016 with a BA in Psychology and a Minor in Spanish from CSU Long Beach. In January 2017, she started her work as a missionary for Dirty Vagabond. Jennie enjoys nothing more than loving on the amazing teens of her (very-flat-and-ocean-less-yet-surprisingly-awesome) new home!


Harriet Scott


Harriet is serving as a full time missionary in Greenville, NC. After many years of serving Jesus and the Church up North she is finally happy to be warm again, and back in her home state in the South. The beach is her happy place, and she is very excited to be in the one DVM mission site that is only one hour away from it! She may or may not always have beach chairs in the back of her Honda CR-V, and is always down for a spontaneous day trip. Working as a barista for a time she loves coffee, and 5 shots of espresso at one time is her record. Harriet graduated with a bachelor's degree in Religious and Pastoral studies, and has done ministry from the East to the West coast. She is excited to be joining the Dirty Vagabond Ministry team!